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The Endovascular Revolution - Contributions from Many Great Individuals

An Editorial from the October 1997 issue of World Medical News

The development of endovascular "peripheral disease" technologies, particularly aortic stent grafts, represents the collaboration of industry, science, health care providers, and even government, working at their very best in pursuit of worthy goals.

World Medical has been credited with going back into the archives and getting some of the original pioneers back involved with current developments. Here is a partial list of members of World Medical's endovascular device research team.

Dr. Robert Ersek. patented an aortic aneurysm repair stent graft system with expandable slotted tube stents, and also a stent graft heart valve back in 1970.

Dr. Alexander Balko was the first in the world to place a stent graft for aneurysm repair in animals in 1982. January of 1983 he filed a patent for his covered serpentine or coil shaped nitinol stent system. This patent has been acquired by World Medical. Dr. Elliott Komberg, patented his long leg. short leg bifurcated system (the industry standard) with stent metal beyond graft ends, migration prevention mechanisms and partial or full length longitudinal support bars back in 1984. World Medical Patent.

Dr. Nicholas Volodos was the first in the world to place a endoluminal stent graft for repair of an aortic aneurysm in a human patient back in 1986 in The Ukraine, based on his patent of a polyester covered stainless steel Z stent filed in early 1984. From 1986 to 1991 he completed 53 implants and published this work in the Journal of Angiology in 1991.

Howard Leonhardt - President
Written by Howard J. Leonhardt


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