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World Medical Manufacturing

January 1994 Vol. 3 Issue 1
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World Medical Manufacturing Corporation's management policy emphasizes quality first and foremost. Below is a summary of our continuous improvement program:

1. We recognize re-work and product defects that may go out to customers as the most costly mistakes that can be made.

2. We keep a written record of our re-work, product defects and delays which occur in production. We analyze these records to pinpoint the cause. We develop plans to eliminate the causes or these problems and improve the processes by providing better tools, materials, methods, equipment or training.

4. Line workers participate fully with management in developing plans to improve processes to reduce the level of re-work and delays. We concentrate on solutions and avoid blame.

5. We constantly strive for work simplification. It is our continuous goal to reduce variability and to make our production procedures as error free as possible.

6. We regularly provide training to workers to better their ability to meet product specifications consistently and to gather data which can help us pinpoint the cause of defects and delays.

7. We have clear cut written job descriptions for each job performed in our company and written procedures for each production process. Responsibilities and goals are clearly defined.

8. We believe in focusing on doing a few things very well.

9. We believe superior customer service is one of the most important keys to our survival. From answering the telephone to making shipments, we strive to achieve excellence and promptness in all activities in service to our customers.

10. We continuously strive to promote self-esteem and pride of workmanship.

Written by Howard J. Leonhardt



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