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April 1995 Vol. 4 Issue 1

TALENT" system evaluated by opinion leaders!

Brand names for new products determined.

Newsbits, production capacity increases.

Announcements and product developments.

Exhibit Schedule and Editorial.

Worldmed proceeds to register trademark Brand Names for newly developed products!

The brand names World Medical Manufacturing Corporation has chosen for it's products are as follows:

TALENT" - Taheri-Leonhardt catheter based Nitinol spring/graft placement systems.

POLY-CATH" - Polyurethane balloon heart catheters.

LIONHEART" - Catheter based collapsible Nitinol ring prosthetic valve placement system.

PRO-CELL" - Protruding needle polyurethane balloon localized delivery catheter.

TALENT" spring/graft placement system is evaluated by numerous opinion leaders in field.

Over the past months representatives of Worldmed have met with and discussed the merits of the TALENT" Nitinol spring/graft placement system with numerous opinion leaders in the field.

Our conclusion after these many discussions is that our design has the potential to be the best in the market. Of course it will take extensive clinical data gathering to back up this conclusion, which has yet to be conducted.

The TALENT" hook-less Nitinol Spring/Graft placement system offers these features:

1. Conforms to size and shape of vessel.

2. Predictable compliant polyurethane balloon angiographic catheter can be used to accurately map dimensions of vessel wall.

3. Polyurethane balloon catheter aides placement and releases back
4. Nitinol connecting bars between springs avoid twisting and frumpling of graft material. Fluid dynamic shape of bars reduce risk of blood clot formation.

5. Spring/graft can be moved or removed if necessary without surgical intervention.

6. Our patented stapling balloon catheter system can be optionally used after initial placement of spring/graft, to staple graft to vessel wall to reduce risk of aneurysm spread.




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