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July 1996 Vol. 5 Issue 3

The 11 Commandments of 21st Century Management

  1. Don't play by the dominant competitive rules of your industry. Invent your own and make others follow you! Create new competitive space; zero-sum battles over static markets are yesterdays game.
  2. Get innovative or get dead!
  3. Re-examine your company for hidden strategic assets, then leverage the hell out of them.
  4. Create a bias for speed and action in your company. Analysis and reflection are all well and good, but you're nowhere without implementation - and it had better be fast.
  5. Be proactive and experimental. The day of depending on corporate size and reputation to drop opportunities in your lap are over. You need to go out and make things happen.
  6. Break barriers. The boundaries between firms and their outside suppliers, customers and sometimes even competitors are being dismantled.
  7. Use all of your people, all of their skills, all of the time.
  8. Globalize your perspective and knowledge base. The fastest growing markets in the world today are not only outside of North America, they're outside the OECD countries.
  9. Leading edge companies are turning superior environmental performance into a powerful competitive weapon.
  10. Turn organizational learning into a corporate religion. At the end of the day, the only truly sustainable competitive advantage will be your ability to learn faster and better than your competitors, and to turn that learning into new products, services and technologies before your competitors can imitate your last innovation.
  11. Develop strategic performance measurement tools. Any bozo can measure last quarter's production or profit figures, but at best he or she will give you a static, superficial snapshot of yesterday's news. By concentrating instead on key strategic and profitability drivers, ones that reveal the underlying dynamics of your business, you can focus your energy on what really drives the future of your business.

From the book: The Eleven commandments of 21st Century Management "What the cutting edge companies are doing to survive and flourish in the today's chaotic business world." Author Matthew J. Kiern an, Published by Prentice Hall, Englewood cliffs, New Jersey 07632, 1996.



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