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August 1995 Vol. 4 Issue 3

Testing of TALENT" Continues!

Experienced Manufacturing Advisor Hired.


Announcements and Product Developments.

Editorial and Exhibit Schedule.

World Medical Australasia Sales Agency Office Opened!

In an effort to better serve our valued customers in Australia and New Zealand, Mr. Jeffrey Miller has opened a sales agency office for our products in Australia-at his own expense.

Mr. Miller has introduced advanced cardiovascular devices to the Australian
market for over 17 years.


Design Enhancements to TALENT"
Under Testing!

Worldmed continues to validate and prove our design concepts in laboratory models, excised vessels and animal experiments.
The company is currently concentrating on validating the following designs:

1. Low pressure balloon mapping system with pressure gauge.
Also used to distinguish good vessel wall from thrombus filled wall.

2. Dog bone shape of Spring/Graft.
Central section is reduced by cutting out sides and sewing. Each end is expanded by cutting out web of graft material in each alternative spoke of springs.

3. Conical cone double balloon introducer and deployment system.
For ease of entry and for vessel dilation. Also provides perforation protection. Holds top spring during deployment of bottom spring. Releases pressure. Unravels wrinkles in graft material.

4. Condensing spring sheath push rod for aiding deployment of tightly packed Spring/Graft.

5. Concave Banana Type Shape
Nitinol Spring Assembly.

6. Micro-emboli Aortic/Iliac Filter

Two New Animal Studies Initiated for TALENT" Endoluminal Spring/Graft Systems for AAA Repair!

Dr. Bui at St. Lukes Hospital, affiliated with the Montreal Heart Institute have initiated an animal study of our TALENT" catheter based Spring/Graft placement systems. The study will be made with calves and implants will be made in at least six animals. The study protocol has been presented to the Canadian Health Department.

Another study is being initiated in Europe. Over two dozen centers have applied and the company is in the process of choosing the most appropriate program.

Both of these studies are scheduled to be completed by the end of September, 1995.



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