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October 1996 Vol. 5 Issue 4

Number of Centers Trialing TALENT" Increases!

New Developments; Carbon or Titanium Thread Graft Reinforcement, Push Rod/Sheath Handle, Markers.

Worldmed Chooses Cryolife as Fibrin Glue Supplier.

Papers on TALENT" System to be Presented.

Worldmed Signs with NatWest Markets.


Worldmed has Engaged NatWest Markets as Financial Advisors to the Company.

NatWest Markets is the integrated corporate and investment banking division of NatWest Group, whose assets total $269 billion. NatWest Markets operates in 55 offices in 25 countries and employs approximately 7,000 professionals.

Among them is equity analyst Chris Sassouni, who was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top Medical Device Analysts of 1995.

Number of Centers Evaluating TALENT" System Increases!

The number of centers participating in the evaluation and investigational trial of the TALENT" Endoluminal Spring Graft System for aortic/iliac aneurysm repair has increased dramatically over this past summer. (The first Phase 6 month feasibility study was completed 8/96.) Over 20 centers are currently enrolled and have begun their clinical study program. All centers which have started are outside the U.S.A. Nearly 100 centers have sent in written requests to become part of the TALENT" study. New centers will be added when adequate training and support can be added and when initial results from current participating centers have been evaluated.
We have hired two clinical affairs specialists internally and have hired a firm in Vienna, Austria to undertake the supervision of the trials in Europe. A European Investigators meeting is scheduled to take place this month in Vienna.

The TALENT" is THE ONLY COMPOSITE bi-furcated system utilizing polyester in the aortic section with the stent imbedded on the inside and P.T.F.E. in the iliac sections with the stent spring imbedded on the outside. Surgeons learned long ago that polyester (Dacron) is better suited for the aorta and P.T.F.E. for the smaller vessels.

Worldmed Chooses Cryolife, Inc. as Supplier of Fibrin Glue!

World Medical has a number of development projects which require a fibrin glue. Cryolife, Inc., a public company with revenues of $25 million annually, has been developing and testing fibrin glues since 1988.

Two Worldmed Fibrin Glue application projects:

1. TALENT" Spring Graft System for Repair of Aneurysms. Fibrin glue is injected onto exterior surface of graft material within sheath immediately prior to implantation. The company believes the fibrin glue will improve healing, reducing leaking and migration risk, and will strengthen thin wall grafts.

2. NO-GRAFT" Aneurysm Filling Catheter System. For patients where it is not possible to place a graft, filling the aneurysm with a mixture of endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, Gioloma growth factor, radiopaque media and fibrin glue may be the answer.



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