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December 1996 Vol. 5 Issue 5

Aortic stent graft patent acquired.

Experiments with porcine cells begin.

Upcoming presentations

Re-cap of Australian Endovascular Conference.

Catalog number system TALENT".

New Developments.


Worldmed Begins Experiments Utilizing Porcine Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells to Seed Thin Wall Graft Materials.

In cooperation with Worldmed Labcor and Labcor Laboratories of Brazil, Worldmed has begun a series of experiments utilizing a combination of fibrin glue, gioloma growth factor, porcine endothelial cells and porcine smooth muscle cells to improve the healing and long term durability characteristics of endovascular grafts. The company believes there is great potential for improved patency in smaller vessels compared to currently available technologies.

Worldmed Acquires Key 1984 Filed Patent For Bifurcated Aortic Stent Graft System!

World Medical Manufacturing Corp-oration has been assigned U.S. Patent No. 4,562.596 "Aortic Graft Device and Method for performing an Intraluminal Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair" filed April 1984, Issued Jan. 7, 1985 from Dr. Elliot Kornberg. This patent is a fundamental early art patent in the field covering the following concepts and designs:
1. Intraluminal aortic stent graft insertion apparatus and method.
2. Full length connecting bar struts.
3. Hook and barbs inhibiting downward and upward migration.
4. Bare metal extension above and below graft material for better fixation to vessel wall.
5. Compressible ring (stent) attached to graft within hollow tube sheath which expands to establish fixation to vessel wall when released from sheath.
6. Aortic graft comprising a BIFURCATED structure wherein the flexible tubular material has two legs, one of said legs being shorter than the other.
This patent adds to the portfolio of 7 patents Worldmed has protecting it's position in aortic stent graft technologies. Previously issued patents dating back to 1983 or letters of allowance for patents cover several claims related to serpentine Nitinol stents, Nitinol core placement catheters, tissue adhesive graft covering and other designs & methods.

TALENT" Clinical Results Presented at a Number of Scientific Conferences

Brooklyn Endovascular Conference
Brooklyn, New York
Jan. 26-31st, 1997
"The TALENT" endoluminal graft replacement system" Sunday 1/26 4pm Presented by Syde Taheri, M.D. Hands-on workshop 1/27-1/31

International Symposium of Vascular Diagnosis and Intervention
Miami Beach, Florida
Jan. 27-30th, 1997
"Experience with the TALENT" Endo-graft for treatment of Aortic Disease" Wednesday 1/29 1:30pm Presented by Lindsay Machan, M.D.

10th Intl. Congress Endovascular Interventions
Scotsdale, Arizona Feb. 9-13th, 1997
"The TALENT" System for Endoluminal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: Initial Experience" Monday 2/10 10am Presented by Peter Fry, M.D.



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