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Bibliography of Papers from Bioheart Research Team Members: Research on Myoblast and Stem Cell Injections into Myocardium for Heart Muscle Regeneration (MYOGENESIS) Click Here.

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Myocardial Tissue Engineering BIOHEART MicroImplants

First Product (under development)

Heart Muscle Regeneration (MYOGENESIS) System (under development) - Autologous immature myoblasts (cultured and processed in Bioheart controlled labs with 17 step proprietary method) injected into damaged myocardium to ATTEMPT TO repopulate, re-vascularize (arteriogenesis), regenerate and improve diastolic and systolic function of treated region. CAUTION: This attempted improvement is yet to be proven in statistically appropriate controlled clinical trials. Cells are injected with 25g bent needle, thorocoscopic needle probe or endovascular needle catheter (7FR) with deflecting tip and dial in needle depth control.

Future Products

Heart Muscle Regeneration (MYOGENESIS) System (under development) - Immature myoblasts transvected with eNOS mixed with bone marrow, stromal cells, Angiopoiten 1 Tie Receptors, L-Arginine, Pyruvate, VEGF/FGF, Fibrinogen Matrix, Endothelial Cells & Fibrin Glue.

These are illustrations of the proposed method of heart muscle regeneration under development deflecting guide catheter with slidable inner needle assembly for delivery of cellular implants into myocardium wall.

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Device Components
Brief Summary of
Pre-Clinical Animal Studies

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We are now occupying space at the Cardiovascular Engineering Center (CVEC) of Florida International University. CVEC faculty and staff are now collaborating with us in a research project. Go There!
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The American Heart Association reports only 2,300 of the 40,000 Americans who needed a new heart in 1997 got one.

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