Bioheart Index Page Potential Heart Attack Healing Process
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1Damaged heart muscle due to heart attack.

2Clinical diagnosis of myocardial ischemia and myocardial infarction. 3Bioheart’s non-surgical catheter-based proprietary myocardial tissue regeneration approach.
Heart Diagram 2
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4Administration of cellular implants through needle catheter by an interventional cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon. 5& 6Closeups of pellet insertion into damaged heart muscle tissue.
Heart Diagram 3
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7Pellets integrating into heart muscle tissue. 8Growth of new heart muscle cells and blood vessels (new blood vessel formation may be facilitated or enhanced with separate injections or channels made by utilizing technologies of other companies specializing in angiogenesis), partially reviving damaged heart region. 9Intended outcome - improved heart function and reduction of angina following myocardial regeneration procedure.
This new and innovative medical treatment will be the subject of a planned upcoming Phase 1/2 clinical trial which is yet to be initiated. The Company has not yet completed development or received FDA approval for its potential myocardial cellular implant products. Permission to begin human studies has not been granted by the FDA, as of February 2000.
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