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Bioheart, Inc. focuses on two distinct areas of concentration:

  1. Cellular implants for regenerating heart muscle (Bioheart MicroImplants)
  2. Genetic tests for customizing care to prevent heart attacks (Bioheart Genotyping)

Bibliography of Papers from Bioheart Research Team Members: Research on Myoblast and Stem Cell Injections into Myocardium for Heart Muscle Regeneration (MYOGENESIS) Click Here

Bioheart, Inc. Headquarters: 4th Floor 1/4
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Bioheart, Inc. is focused on preventing heart attacks and cardiovascular disease and assisting individuals who have suffered a heart attack to return to a full quality of life, utilizing genotyping and tissue engineering technologies.


Bioheart, Inc.
"Translating the Human
Genome for Cardiovascular
Patient Care and Benefit"
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