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The Main Focus of Bioheart Health Plans is assisting physicians to develop customized care plans to prevent heart attacks and cardiovascular disease based on genotyping.

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First Product

Bioheart Basic Plan - Diet and Drugs Matched to Genotype in order to Reduce Risks of Cardiovascular Disease

Future Products

Bioheart Advanced Plan - Personal Heart/Cardiovascular Health Coach

Bioheart Basic Plan

  1. Heart health nutrition coaching by phone, internet connection and email.
  2. Half price on genotyping tests.
  3. Discounts on nutritional supplements.
  4. Heart Healthy newsletter.
  5. Free sample of aspirin gum.
  6. Total Solution" practicing physicians practice guide.
  7. Disease event guided information searches.

Bioheart Advanced Plan Coming Soon! under development...

  1. Customized diet designed based on your individual genotype.
  2. Nutritionist visits home.
  3. Compliance monitoring by telephone and personal visits (minimum annually).
  4. Family support services.
  5. Heart Healthy newsletter.
  6. Free samples of aspirin gum.
  7. Total Solution" practicing physicians guide with telephone call from local physician to arrange complete examination.
  8. Disease event guided information searches with personal visit by Bioheart representative to patient and family of patient to provide results of information searches with explanations.


Coming Soon! under development...

Bioheart Gold Service for High Risk Patients

Price varies depending on location - approximately $1800.00 per year plus the cost of the tests, equipment and monitoring.

All services provided in Bioheart Advanced Plan plus&

  1. 24 hour cardiac event monitoring.

  2. Strategy for ambulance pick-up and hospital choice in case of heart attack.

  3. Coordination of access to new experimental and investigational procedures. (Mainstream - peer review supported only)

  4. Workplace and home preparation & training for heart attack emergency. Defibrillator, CPR training, aspirin, TPA. Discussions with family and co-workers about what to do in the case of a heart attack.

  5. LifeFit cardiograph study (designed to help physicians determine risk of sudden death).

  6. MRI coronary plaque study (designed to help physicians determine risk of plaque rupture).

  7. Monthly blood pressure and cholesterol level checks.


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In the US, approximately 800,000 previously healthy persons have their first heart attack every year. Even more astoundingly, at least one fourth of these people die suddenly of their first heart attack. Therefore, it is not enough to wait until the heart attack happens to make changes—we need to become more active in preventing the first heart attack (known as primary prevention).
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