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Physician Services
Physician Services available to achieve improved Heart Health.

Heart Healthy Diet Consultation

Explore this department for Diet Consultation and Focused Information which will help put you on the path to Heart Health.

HeartCareNature's Way HEALTHCARE exclusively contains the clinically proven hawthorn extract from our partner, the Dr. Wilmer Schwabe Company of Germany. While many other brands use hawthorn leaves, HEALTHCARE is uniquely extracted from the herb's leaves and flowers to yield 19% oligomeric procyanidins. Thus, HEALTHCARE has the proven ability to support efficient heart function by promoting blood and nutrient flow to the heart muscle.* It also supports efficient circulation and blood flow to the body by reducing flow resisitance to the peripheral blood vessel.*. HEALTHCARE is the world's most widely trusted and used hawthorn extract, backed by over 50 years of scientific research. It is intended to be used as part of a total program of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to promote cardiovascular health*. Purchase this Product.




Testing Services
Valuable Testing Services Available to Ensure Your Heart Health.

HeartCare Hawthorn ExtractHeartCare. Designed for heart muscle nutrient supply and blood flow. Dietary Supplement. 19% Oligomeric Procyanidins.

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