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New! - Genotype Panel Tests
Genetic tests to identify inherited predisposition for heart disease. Click Here for pricing details and more info.

HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) CHOLESTEROL PANEL

  • Apo A-I (2 polymorphisms)
  • Apo A-IV (2 polymorphisms)
  • CETP Taq 1 B LPL (3 polymorphisms)

High Density Lipoprotein, the so called; "good cholesterol", is important in transporting and clearing cholesterol from the blood. In some cases, gene polymorphisms can improve the efficiency of HDL and reduce one's risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) below that of the general population. In other cases, gene polymorphisms interfere with normal function and increase the risk for CAD


LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) CHOLESTEROL PANEL

  • Apo B-100 gene polymorphism
  • Apo E gene polymorphism
  • CETP gene polymorphism
  • LPL gene polymorphism

These tests identify a genetic predisposition to lipid imbalances either reduced HDL, elevated LDL or elevated LDL and Triglyceride levels together (LPL test).



  • PlA2 gene polymorphism
  • Factor V Leiden gene polymorphism
  • Prothrombin gene polymorphism
  • MTHFR gene polymorphism

These genotype tests identify a genetic predisposition to thrombosis (blood clots) in either the arterial or venous system or both.



  • ACE gene polymorphism
  • AT1R gene polymorphisme
  • NOS gene polymorphism

These genetic tests identify patients who are genetically predisposed to high blood pressure. In the case of ACE and eNOS there is also an association with smooth muscle proliferation which could lead to stent restenosis.


(Available in the near future)



  • HFE gene polymorphism

This genetic test identifies persons who are predisposed to the development of hemochromatosis, one of the most common genetic disorders in Caucasian Americans. Hemochromatosis can lead to various diseases including heart disease.


Click Here to view details and pricing information related to these important tests.


The Takeheart Health Check

"The quality assured method for providing authoritative written assessment and advice for the prevention of coronary heart disease." The Takeheart Health Check is a health check focused on heart disease. TAKEHEART Provides an estimate of the likelihood of you developing coronary heart disease together with advice on how best to reduce this risk given your particular circumstances. TAKEHEART Performs the following tests which are needed to do this: history, weight & height, cholesterol measurement, blood pressure, lung function (peak flow rate), carbon monoxide measurement, liver function (GGT), stress assessment. Visit them today!

Testing Services
Valuable Testing Services Available to Ensure Your Heart Health.
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